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Mary J. Blige Says Ex Spent $420K of Her Money on New Girlfriend

There’s nothing worse than a liar. Mary J. Blige is in the midst of divorcing Martin “Kendu” Isaacs, and apparently he was the king of lies during their marriage.

In some court documents, Blige accuses Isaacs of shelling out loads of dough–for his girlfriend. Yep, he was seeing somebody on the side and giving her massive amounts of cash. And we’re not talking about a small amount, either. Blige is saying he spent a whopping $420,000 on this other lady and claimed the expenses were for “travel.” Riiiight.

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Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Despite his wrongdoing, Isaacs is asking for more than $110,000 a month in spousal support. He gives $5,000 of that to his parents every month.

Naturally, Mary J. Blige isn’t responding happily to that request. “I am not responsible for supporting his parents and his children from another relationship which he lists as ongoing monthly expenses,” she said in the legal documents.

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She also added that he “contributes absolutely nothing” to their estate, which happens to be over $10 million in debt.

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