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Michael Jackson Had HORRIFYING Photos In His Possession, Police Reports Show

Nearly seven years after Michael Jackson‘s death, police reports are being made public that shed some light on the pop singer’s child molestation charges.

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Jackson’s Neverland Ranch photos have surfaced, and they aren’t pretty.

In 2003, Jackson participated in an interview for a documentary titled Living With Michael Jackson. In it, he admitted to interviewer Martin Bashir to sleeping in bed with children that weren’t his own.

Later that year, police raided Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and found over 80 recordings, photographs and videos of children, both nude and in various states of undress. He was accused of and charged with seven counts of child molestation by 13-year-old victim Gavin Arvizo.

The reports from this raid have now been revealed online. The contents were used in Jackson’s 2005 trial, but until now had not been open to the public. The 88-page document contains photos of animal torture, children’s faces pasted onto adult bodies and other disturbing memorabilia.

Despite these gruesome images, Jackson was acquitted of the charges. Police claimed this type of stash was often used by child molesters to lower the inhibitions of children and coerce them into cooperating, but on its own, the images were not considered pornographic.

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Neverland Ranch was made out to be a fairytale land for children.

The District Attorney wrote in the report, “The listed materials are permissible and relevant as circumstantial evidence on the issues of the defendant’s intent, motive and method. They are adjuncts to his plan to seduce young boys, and demonstrate evidence of his preparation for their seductions. They are evidence of his method.”

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