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Nick Cannon Defends Mariah Carey’s Horrid NYE Performance

Despite getting divorced, Nick Cannon is still on Mariah Carey‘s side. By now, Carey’s disastrous New Year’s Eve performance has been picked apart by critics. It seems like Nick Cannon thinks it’s time for someone to stand up for the diva.

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Mariah Carey’s New Year’s performance was a train wreck.

For those who missed the New Year’s fiasco, consider yourselves lucky. Mariah Carey basically gave one of the most awkward performances in history. She lip-synched (poorly) and then posed around the stage making weird faces. It was not her finest hour.

Rather than owning up to her poor performance, she tried to blame Dick Clark Productions, who put on the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show. Nick Cannon at least somewhat agrees with her in that regard. Carey’s ex-husband thinks the songstress was the victim of sabotage.

Nick Cannon Mariah Carey BandRumors.com

Cannon and Carey have stayed on good terms since their split.

Cannon appeared on Ellen this week, where he dished on his thoughts. “I’m a conspiracy theorist,” he said. “I think the government did that, they set her up. That was a distraction.”

It’s pretty clear he’s joking, but it’s good to see a sense of humor about the whole debacle. He went on to get more serious about what he thought went down.

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