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Nicki Minaj Sparks Shoe Conspiracy With Boyfriend Meek Mill

If you have have new kicks on your Christmas wish list here’s a good reason not to take any recommendations from the “Ima Boss” singer Meek Mill, especially if you already have a shoe contract with Puma!

meek-mill-nicki-minaj-jordan-ovo band rumors

Earlier in the week rapper/pop queen Nicki Minaj posted a photo to Instagram after visiting a women’s group home in Philadelphia with boyfriend Meek Mill.

It’s great to see big-time celebs like Minaj giving back and this was Mill’s third year of support.

But what quickly caught the eye of her followers was that Mill’s shoes were blurred out. Weird right?

This led to more than a few sneekerhead conspiracies… Was Mill wearing Air Jordans? Even worse, was he wearing Drake’s OVO Jordan 10s? Or was he wearing a new unreleased version of Pumas that hadn’t hit the market yet?

The mystery was solved by an employee (@irunidare2hope) who was in the room at the time. She  posted an unblurred photo to her Instagram account (I guess she didn’t get the “blurred” memo from Minaj).

It turns out that that Meek wearing Jordans…wait for it…but they weren’t Drake’s OVO’s, they were the Legend Blue 11s.

The only question left is what does Puma thinks of all this?!


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