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No! Adele Threatens to Never Tour Again!

Say it ain’t so, Adele! Some of the singer’s best, most candid moments have come during her tours. However, those moments may be reaching their end. At a recent concert, Adele revealed that she may never tour again.

Adele was performing in Auckland, New Zealand, last night when she shocked fans with more than her voice. She’s known for jabbering in between her songs, but usually it’s witty banter or even heartfelt talk. This time, it was super depressing.

“Touring isn’t something I’m good at,” she said. “Applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable. I don’t know if I will ever tour again. The only reason I’ve toured is you.”

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That being said, she added that the tour was “my greatest accomplishment in my career. It’s changed my life. I understand why I do it.”

Well, if fans encouraged her to tour once, we can do it again, right? At the same time, we wouldn’t want one of our favorite singers to be miserable.

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