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Ouch! Taylor Swift Faceplants In New Apple Music Ad

Taylor Swift shows off her rap skills in a new Apple Music ad, but unfortunately it seems the pop star isn’t the greatest at multitasking. She gets so into the Drake song she’s spitting that she falls off her treadmill.

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Swift’s pairing with Apple for the ad, appropriately titled “Taylor vs. Treadmill,” comes in the wake of a rather tumultuous relationship with the company. It seems the singer has worked out her issues with Apple and isn’t holding any grudges.

Last year, Swift was able to get Apple to change its policy about paying–or rather, not paying–artists the royalties they deserved. Apple’s policy was to not give musicians royalties for songs played by users during a free 90-day trial period.

Swift wrote on her Tumblr that she would be withholding releasing her album 1989 on Apple Music due to the unfair practice. She stated that Apple’s policy of not paying writers, producers or artists for the first three months to be “shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company.”

Taylor Swift Taylor vs. Treadmill Apple Music

Taylor Swift expressed her outrage at Apple’s treatment of artists.

Though Swift stated that she was in no need of the extra income and could support her entire team through live shows, she was adamant about standing up for new musicians.

Within hours of posting the letter, Apple Music changed their policy, agreeing to give artists their royalties for the trial period. The quick reaction shows just how powerful the voice of one pop star can be.

Swift was pleased with the outcome, and tweeted that she had changed her tune on the fate of 1989.

In addition to fighting for upcoming musicians, Swift has been keeping busy. She wrapped up her 1989 world tour in December 2015, and is likely to put in an appearance at Coachella, where her boyfriend Calvin Harris will be headlining.

Check out the rest of Swift’s ad below:

Swift keeps jamming even after her tumble, so the fall must have been worth it.

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