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‘DJ’ Paris Hilton Wins “Women’s Newcomer of the Year” At NRJ Awards

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Paris Hilton won the NRJWomen’s Newcomer of the Year” award in Monaco earlier this week. The real winner? The French-based NRJ Group, which owns TV and radio stations in thirteen countries across Europe.

NRJ proved that they are just as savvy at promoting their company as Hilton is at promoting herself.

While Paris took home the ‘Newcomer’ award, which was presented by Bob Sinclair, DJs like Deadmau5 where less enthused. Deadmau5 has been mocking Hilton on social media calling her an “amateur” and calling her out on Twitter by posting a YouTube video called “Paris Hilton Fake DJ.”

And you know what, if you watch this you might not disagree. Paris grooves behind the deck randomly pecking at the knobs on the mixer – it’s awful and hilarious at the same time, especially since Paris claims that she’s getting paid a million dollars a show.

In spite of Deadmau5’s lack of love, Hilton bragged of the news of her award by tweeting directly back to the outspoken DJ:

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) November 13, 2014

Paris, though you may have no shame you can still throw a great foam party so keep up the great work out on the DJ circuit!

Paris Hilton “Foam and Diamonds” Party


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