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Paul McCartney Duets With 10-Year-Old Girl–And She’s Amazing!

At a recent concert in Buenos Aires, former Beatle Paul McCartney made one 10-year-old’s dreams come true. Though with her spunk, she probably would have found a way to shine anyway.

Paul McCartney BandRumors.com

This kid’s got guts!

Leila and her mother were pulled up on stage from the audience and chatted with McCartney for a moment, stating that they were from Buenos Aires. That’s when things took an adorable turn.

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Leila carried a stuffed monkey onto stage with her, which McCartney offered to sign for her. Instead she made a different request.

“I want to play the bass with you,” the girl politely stated.

“You want to play bass with our band, like bass like this? This could be interesting,” McCartney responded. “Okay, I didn’t see this coming.”

Paul McCartney BandRumors.com

The bass might be a tad big for her, but Leila made it work to play with Paul McCartney.

A roadie complied, bringing Leila a white bass to play. No one bothered to shorten the strap, though (maybe that was as short as it goes?), and the bass hung down around the girl’s knees. That didn’t stop her from keeping up with the jams, though.

Read more to see Leila rock out on the bass:

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