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Pornhub Produces Music Video for Rapper Mykki Blanco & It’s Super Sexy

Music videos these days don’t exactly shy away fro using sex appeal to sell, which is probably why Pornhub, one of the biggest pornography providers on the internet, saw a perfect opportunity to jump in.

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Virtual reality takes a hold.

Pornhub has just co-produced a music video for rapper Mykki Blanco‘s song “Loner,” and it’s certainly steamy. The video, which was also produced by fashion company Nicopanda, shows models wearing virtual reality headsets to presumably watch porn–they definitely look like they’re enjoying themselves.

These shots of the models seductively touching their skin (or each other’s) are interspersed with shots of Mykki Blanco and Jean Deaux wearing futuristic, highly stylized outfits. Interestingly enough, Blanco said the madness of the video was actually a truer reflection of who he is.

“People only know a party persona when it comes to Mykki Blanco, with this album and with this song I want them to know who I am on the inside,” Blanco stated. “‘Loner’ is a song about misunderstanding–and more than misunderstanding, it’s a song about a universal feeling of not feeling worthy enough, not feeling good enough.”


It’s interesting that a song about not being good enough would feature people interacting with virtual reality instead of others, especially given the fact that Pornhub likely wants to encourage porn consumption. So what is Mykki Blanco getting out of working with Pornhub?

“When artists premiere videos on our platform, they open up additional avenues through which they garner exposure and visibility,” Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub, stated. Fair enough. There are definitely a lot of people visiting Pornhub every day, so it’s bound to get Mykki Blanco a lot of views.

This will probably be the first of many projects Pornhub helps to fund and craft. It makes sense: sex sells, music videos use sex appeal, Pornhub is good at sexual content. It’s practically a recipe for financial success.

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