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President Kanye West Is NOT Going to Happen

At this point, can we possibly believe anything Kanye West says? We don’t blame him for going through a lot (we’d probably have some issues, too, if we were married to Kim Kardashian), but at least he used to seem like a man of his word. However, he just backed out on running for president in 2024, and everybody is a little miffed.

No, nobody in their right mind would want Kanye West to be president of the United States. But prior to his mental breakdown, it would have been pretty darn entertaining to watch his ego crash and burn.

He initially stated that he’d be running for president in 2020, but after voicing support for Donald Trump, Kanye changed his plans. In a series of tweets, he simply wrote, “#2024,” hinting that he wants Trump to last for two terms.

Kanye West President Donald Trump BandRumors.com

Kanye West has a deep and meaningful conversation with Donald Trump.

So after getting people excited yet again for his upcoming failure (albeit four years later than expected), he apparently is dropping the whole scheme all together.

An insider stated that Kanye West is prioritizing getting his life back on track. “He may have hung out with Donald Trump, but that didn’t make him any more focused on politics,” the person said. “His summer moves and plans have all been put on the back-burner with everything that is happening.”

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Furthermore, Kanye is concerned that him campaigning for president would pose as a security risk for his wife, who was held at gunpoint during a robbery earlier this year.

As part of his scheme to get his life sorted out, Kanye has dyed his hair to look like rainbow sherbet. Hope that helps him out.

Kanye West President Donald Trump BandRumors.com

Kanye West’s new ‘do looks pretty cheery.

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