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Punch Me, Punch Me Harder: The Weeknd Arrested In Vegas


4:20 Brah

Yes, it’s true. “Love Me Harder” singer The Weeknd was arrested for punching a cop in Las Vegas. And yes, it was on a Saturday.

If your name is ‘The Weeknd’ what other day of the week could you possibly, or should we say “allegedly”, as all the news outlets are reporting, get arrested for punching a lawman in Sin City?

We don’t know what happened exactly, except that it was 4:20 in the morning, and we have a pretty good idea about what goes on in Vegas at that hour.

Here’s our list of things that usually happen around 4am, none of which we can confirm The Weeknd was involved in:

A) Get Stumbling drunk.

B) Get high on any number of legal and/or illegal pharmaceuticals.

C) All of the above.

Fortunately for The Weeknd, he was able to high tail it out of town on a chartered jet. Let’s hope no charges were pressed and he’ll be back on stage performing soon.



“Escaped From Vegas” The Weekend

Ariana Grande “Love Me Harder” Ft. The Weekend

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