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Radiohead Vanishes From Internet Before Launching Eerie ‘Burn The Witch’

After basically disappearing from internet existence earlier this week, Radiohead came back with a vengeance by releasing a new video for a song titled “Burn the Witch.”

As Tweets and Facebook posts were deleted, even the band’s website starting gradually increasing in opacity until it was blank. Fans even got some interesting, if not ominous, mail.

Needless to say, excitement was at a peak as the newest video launched, and “Burn the Witch” lived up to the hype. The video features some strange imagery that seems to be based on old British animated kids’ television. Specifically, the program Trumpton seemed to be referenced.

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“Burn the Witch” references older British television programming.

In attempting to decipher the messages behind the new video, sources reached out to Gordon Murray, creator of Trumpton. His son-in-law William Mollett said he wasn’t aware of any new Radiohead video, so at the very least, they weren’t in on the surprise even if they inspired it.

Read more to see the “Burn the Witch video:

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