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R&B Singer Jeremih Arrested Trying To Board Plane

According to CNN, R&B artist Jeremy Felton aka Jeremih and musician Adam Woods arrived too late to the gate at Newark Liberty International Airport for U.S. Airways Flight 653 to Phoenix on Friday afternoon, an incident that was first reported at NJ.com.

The aircraft doors were closed.

Instead of getting booked on the next flight, Felton called his bouncer, Dontate Cunningham, who was already on the flight, to let Felton and Woods board.

“One of the members who had already properly proceeded through the now closed secondary jetway door opened the jetway door in an effort to unofficially allow his fellow members entrance onto the aircraft,” confirmed Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesman Joe Pentangelo, via email. The Port Authority operates the airport.

The US Airways crew called Port Authority police, which took three suspects into custody, Pentangelo confirmed. The entire party was removed from the flight, airline spokeswoman Leslie Scott said.

Felton and Woods were charged with obstruction of the administration of law and disorderly conduct; and alleged door-opener Cunningham was charged with defiant trespass, said Pentangelo.

All three were released on a summons and ordered to appear back in court at a later date, Pentangelo said.

The flight departed about five minutes late, Scott said.

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