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Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Divorce Finalized

paula-patton-robin-thicke band rumorsThey say bad things come in threes…but just don’t ask Robin Thicke.

The “Blurred Lines” singer is having the worst month ever – and it’s not even over yet.

Just over a week ago, a jury ruled that Thicke and Pharrell Williams copied the Marvin Gaye classic “Got To Give It Up” for their titanic hit “Blurred Lines” and awarded the Marvin Gaye family $7.3 million in damages.

Now, according to Spin, after 13 months of separation, Thicke’s marriage with Paula Patton is officially over.

As first reported on E! News, the couple, who met in 1993 and married in 2005, were granted a divorce on March 17.

Thicke released an album entitled “Paula” late last year as a mea culpa to Paula Patton in a bid to win her back. Though the album contained some of Thcke’s strongest work to date it didn’t resonate with the public (Or his ex for that matter).

Maybe he’ll have more luck with the ongoing appeal to the $7.3 million judgement.

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