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Rolling Stones ‘On Fire’ At Stade de France In Paris

The Rolling Stones performed to eighty thousand fans at packed Stade de France on 13 June, playing their first concert there since 2007. Fans were treated to classics like “Miss You”, “Start Me Up”, and a double encore of the crowd-pleasing favorites “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”.

The show was highly energetic: Ronnie, Keith and Mick ran around constantly, and from the get-go it was clear that Keith was on fire and ready to rock the stage – much to the crowd’s delight. As one would expect, seeing the Stones live is like being part of history.

They didn’t talk to the crowd all as much, which could be seen as a good thing as it gave them the chance to focus solely on the performance and pack in as many songs as possible in their timeframe. After being introduced, Keith did utter “Bonsoir! That’s all you’ll get out of me.”, and he couldn’t help but thanks the crowd after their strong reception to “You Got the Silver”.

The Mick-Mick battle at the end of “Out of Control” really got the crowd going as they sipped out of their Rolling Stone cups (decorated with the iconic mouth emblem, of course) and jumped up and down like a man decades younger.

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