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Ryan Reynolds Owes Blake Lively a BIG Apology for Something He Said on ‘Conan’

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds may have the most gorgeous family ever, but they still have their ups and downs! Most recently, Reynolds got in trouble with the wifey for revealing the gender of their brand new baby on television.

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have kept their first baby girl, James, out of the spotlight.

While appearing on Conan the other night, the Deadpool actor said, “Two under two is tough! Lot of estrogen. It feels like an American Girl Doll just took a sh-t on my life. I’ll pour some cereal in the morning and there’s a tiny shoe in there. That’s a choking hazard for me!”

These also coincides with a joking tweet Ryan Reynolds posted earlier this year:

Of course, he probably wouldn’t be saying these things if he and Blake Lively’s second child was a boy. Even if he does feel overwhelmed by the women of the house, it sounds like he’s loving every minute.

“It’s pretty remarkable, you know? I used to say to my wife all the time, ‘I can’t actually imagine ever loving a second child as much as I love the first,'” he said. “Then that baby comes popping out and I acted like I was totally wrong.”

Read more to see how Ryan Reynolds apologized for spilling the beans:

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