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Ryan Seacrest Returns to ‘American Idol’ Reboot

Is it even American Idol without Ryan Seacrest? Nope. Thankfully, now that Fox is reviving American Idol after a very short cancelation, Seacrest has signed on to return as the host.

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Match made in heaven.

The hit singing competition did incredibly well for most of its 15 seasons. However, the most recent couple of years showed a sharp decline in viewership. Fox wound up canceling the show, announcing that the end of the 15th season in April 2016 would be the end for good.

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However, in May of this year, everything turned around. ABC acquired the rights to the program and immediately sought to bring it back. The network already announced that Katy Perry would be signing on as a judge. But until now, they’ve been silent about who would take over hosting duties.

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