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Samuel L. Jackson Confirms Prince’s Legendary Basketball Skills

Certain stories about Prince seem to be something out of legend rather than real life. His exceptional musicianship, quirky mannerisms and overall genius are traits that aren’t commonly possessed by mere mortals.

Prince BandRumors.com Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle imitated Prince in a hilarious skit regaling a true story.

Now, however, we have confirmation that at least one of the myths surrounding the musician is fact.

A recent Instagram post by Samuel L. Jackson showed him sitting drearily next to Prince at a Lakers game. Jackson’s comment states, “Laker game one Christmas Day. Looks like we were losing. He did confirm the Charlie Murphy Bball story, though. ‘They had on Church Shoes!'”

The story he speaks of is none other than the epic basketball challenge between Prince and his crew and Charlie Murphy, brother of Eddie Murphy.

As legend has it, Prince challenged Charlie to a basketball game and gave him and his pals some shorts and sneakers to wear. However, the “Little Red Corvette” singer’s gang remained dressed to the nines.

That didn’t hinder their basketball skills at all, however. The musician managed to school Murphy’s team, and proceeded to feed them pancakes after.

Check out the saga as it was portrayed in a sketch on Chappelle’s Show:


Though Prince fading into smoke on the basketball court is likely a bit of an exaggeration, there’s no denying that his mystique extended into sporting events.

Read more to see Jimmy Fallon’s similar tale:

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