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Selena Gomez Makes Fans Lose Minds by Following Maluma

When Selena Gomez stepped out of the spotlight to focus on getting healthy, she probably didn’t realize just how crazy fans would go for any little bit of information that came creeping forward. Even the tiniest of actions by the pop star are sending her followers into a frenzy, and the latest madness is circling around Colombian singer Maluma.

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Is there a brewing romance?

As the most-followed person on Instagram, Selena Gomez is pretty much the ruler of social media. That’s why it’s an enormous deal when she has something new on the photo sharing app. She doesn’t even have to necessarily post a picture; all she has to do is follow someone new and it gets people talking.

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In this case, she followed Maluma, the 24-year-old singer who has a new-ish song with Ricky Martin called “Vente Pa’ Ca.” Not only that, but she (gasp!) liked one of his pictures. Naturally, Maluma returned the favor, following Selena Gomez and commenting with his song title on one of her pictures.

Selena Gomez Maluma BandRumors.com

Fans are in a tizzy over the potential new couple.

Fans are in a downright tizzy, speculating if the couple will start dating anytime soon or if they possibly have a collaboration in the works together. Because obviously it’s not possible that they just like each other’s music or anything like that, right? If it’s on social media, it’s serious business.

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