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Sia Starts Giant Train of ACLU Donations with 1 Tweet

Protests have been in full swing ever since Donald Trump enacted a ban that prevents Muslims from entering the United States. Thousands of Americans are speaking up, but Sia’s voice rang loud and clear.

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Sia attended the Grammys with dancer Maddie Ziegler, who has starred in several of her music videos.

Sia, the artist behind songs like “Cheap Thrills,” started a new trend on Twitter this weekend. The singer tweeted that she’d match donations given to the ACLU up to $100 thousand. The ACLU, which stands for American Civil Liberties Unionhas been helping along the protests at LAX and JFK amongst other things.

Sia’s action sparked a whole lot of others to give more generously. Rosie O’Donnell agreed to match that $100 thousand, and Judd Apatow chimed in as well.

Dozens of average citizens tweeted their donation receipts and encouraged others to do the same. Gifts ranging from $10 to several thousand were equally appreciated.

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