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Snake Vs. Snake: Python Emerges From Toilet To Bite Man’s Penis

Though toilets are never exactly pleasant objects, they get a whole lot more terrifying if a python is lurking inside waiting to bite your junk. A Thai man has been hospitalized after a python bit his penis while he was using the bathroom in his home.

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The aftermath of the bite left a bloody bathroom and a snake still stuck in the toilet.

The snake had worked it’s way up the piping in the toilet and latched on to the man’s own snake (if you catch our drift). Rescuers came to the scene to find the python still lodged in the toilet while the door to the bathroom had been secured by a rope.

Attoporn Boonmakchuay, the victim of the unfortunate penis bite, said the snake was “yanking very hard.” He added that it “felt as though my penis had been severed.” It took him 30 minutes to free himself from the snake’s grip, even though he had help from his wife and neighbor.

Python Toilet BandRumors.com

The man was shockingly all smiles as he recovered in the hospital.

As the battle raged on, it was clear the man’s own snake was no match for the monstrous python. His wife managed to tie a rope around the intruder, allowing Boonmakchuay to pry the snake’s mouth open and free himself before passing out.

Boonmakchuay is recovering in a local hospital. He lost a lot of blood, but otherwise will make a stable recovery.

Boonmakchuay is surprisingly managing to keep an upbeat attitude about the whole situation. A hospital director stated, “He has a really good attitude, even though his own wife and children were in shock. He’s been smiling and giving interviews all day from his bed.”

Python Toilet BandRumors.com

The python got a little help returning to the wild despite nearly taking away a man’s manhood.

Naturally, the man doesn’t want to come home and still find the slithery victor lurking in his house, so emergency workers had to remove the snake. The workers detached the toilet and had to disassemble the plumbing to safely get the creature out.

Snake lovers will be happy to know the python also survived the traumatic event. It was going to be released back into the wild.

Read more to see what a rescue officer had to say about the crazy situation:

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