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Snoop Dog Iggy Azalea Fued: Bad Joke Or Cyber Bullying?


Bad Joke Or Cyber Bully?

Snoop Dog
has been taking to Instagram and Twitter in a feud-baiting battle with the current queen of the pop/hip hop charts, Iggy Azalea. He’s posted a meme of a side by side image of Iggy and Marlon Wayans from the move White Chicks.

Ok, so there is a resemblance (let’s be honest here) but Iggy is, after all, a ‘white chick’ so what’s the deal? Is Snoop bullying Iggy or is he “just being Snoop.” When is does teasing someone cross over into bullying?

Snoop has been getting nasty and definitely crossed the line when he used some less than flattering words to describe Azalea.” He later apologized after long-time producer T.I. stepped into the fracas in support of Azalea.


So what is this all about? Is this a case of misogynistic cyber bullying or is there some professional jealousy at work? Or is he just annoyed? After all, Iggy is a white girl from Australia that raps in a southern accent popularized by African American rap artists.

Even so, has Snoop’s behavior crossed the line? Take the poll and tell us what you think.

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