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Spotify Hits 30 Million Subscribers, Remains #1 in Streaming

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced an exciting new milestone for the streaming service this Monday. Ek stated via Twitter that Spotify had reached the 30 million subscriber mark. This is a 10 million subscriber increase since last June.

Ek’s commentary comes in light of President Obama‘s visit to Cuba earlier this week. Right now, Cuba lacks substantial internet access, which makes Spotify access impossible.

Spotify has been fairly silent about its growth in the last few quarters, but Ek may have been prompted to speak up because of Apple. The same morning Ek tweeted, Apple was holding a press conference. Apple didn’t announce any new metrics for Apple Music at the conference, but the relatively new service could pose some competition for Spotify, which is currently the number one streaming service. Since Apple Music’s launch in 2015, the company has already grown to 11 million paying subscribers.

Apple Music Spotify

Which service will come out on top? Several services are competing to gain the most subscribers.

Spotify’s large growth despite Apple Music coming onto the scene may indicate that the former has nothing to worry about from competitors. A distant third in the race is Jay Z‘s service TIDAL, which is sitting at 2.5 million subscribers. TIDAL had a substantial increase after Kanye West released his album The Life of Pablo exclusively on that platform.

Jay Z later pulled his Blueprint albums from Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon. Aside from a few compilation albums that include tracks from the Blueprint series, the songs are now solely available on Pandora and TIDAL.

The competition may heat up as more new technologies and services unfold, but Spotify’s early start to the streaming game has given it an undeniable advantage. For now, the service can use its subscriber milestone as a crown of victory.

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