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Stalker Arrested Outside Taylor Swift’s Bel Air Mansion


Taylor’s Bel Air Crib

A man was taken into custody after acting suspiciously outside Taylor Swift’s Bel Air home on Wednesday.

Los Angeles police officers were called to the singer’s home after a man was reporting lingering at the end of the driveway.

The officers escorted the man off the property and took him into custody around 4pm on Wednesday, TMZ reported.

According to witness he left quietly and cooperated with police officers.

The suspect was questioned and sent to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

Taylor is no stranger to stalkers. In 2014, Taylor had to deal with a stalker who sent her 735 tweets in one year and was forced to get a restraining order against Tim Sweet, who continually professed his love and desire to marry her.

Sweet had also targeted Emma Stone and Katy Perry along with a number of other stars.

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