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Billboard Reveals Top 50 Money Makers of 2016 with Few Surprises

Beyonce Billboard BandRumors.com

It’s that time of year again–the time when our favorite musicians compete to see who made the most moolah in the past year. Billboard just released their list of the Top 50 Money Makers of 2016. While there weren’t many surprises, it’s always a shock to see just how much these celebs (like Beyonce and Drake) are making. Coming in ...

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No! Adele Threatens to Never Tour Again!

Adele Tour BandRumors.com

Say it ain’t so, Adele! Some of the singer’s best, most candid moments have come during her tours. However, those moments may be reaching their end. At a recent concert, Adele revealed that she may never tour again. Adele was performing in Auckland, New Zealand, last night when she shocked fans with more than her voice. She’s known for jabbering ...

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Lady Gaga Was Coachella’s 5th Choice – Who Would They Rather Have?

Lady Gaga Coachella BandRumors.com

Here’s the big question: If you get to headline Coachella, does it matter that you were the fifth choice to do it? Lady Gaga is taking over for Beyonce, but the Coachella planners would rather have had four other artists! Apparently, Coachella asked Adele, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Nine Inch Nails to headline before they turned to Gaga. Maybe the ...

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Christmas Carpool Karaoke Features Lady Gaga, Adele & More

Christmas Carpool Karaoke BandRumors.com

There’s nothing like some Christmas carols to get in the holiday spirit. James Corden must have been thinking the same thing because somehow he managed to sneak out some carols from his “Carpool Karaoke” guests throughout the year. The amount of foresight his team had to plan this out is awesome, and the result is a hilarious video of our ...

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Watch: Adele Gets Dive-Bombed by a Bat Mid-Concert

Adele Bat BandRumors.com

While performing in Mexico City on Monday night, a bat somehow managed to get into the venue and give Adele quite a fright. As the bat swooped around, Adele started running around the stage letting off a stream of curses (she’s not exactly known for keeping her language family friendly). The bat landed near someone in the audience, which Adele anxiously pointed ...

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Taylor Swift is Insanely Rich Despite Everyone Hating Her

Taylor Swift Rich BandRumors.com

Despite the rather negative media attention Taylor Swift has been getting over the past year, it’s not affecting her bank account in the slightest. This past year, the pop star has gotten railed on for dumping her longtime boyfriend Calvin Harris, having a weird fling with Tom Hiddleston and being a liar about the whole Kanye West lyrics thing. However, ...

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It’s Official – Lady Gaga Nabs Next Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime BandRumors.com

Too bad, so sad, Kanye West fans! Despite the petition to get Kanye West to perform at the next Super Bowl, Lady Gaga has officially won the day. Rumors had been circulating that the “Born This Way” singer would be taking the stage at Super Bowl LI in February of next year, but nothing had been confirmed yet. Now, Lady ...

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Adele ‘Couldn’t Give a F***ing Sh*t’ About Brangelina & That’s Why We Love Her

Adele Brangelina BandRumors.com

How moving! Adele feels so much love for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie during their tough time that she dedicated her entire show in Madison Square Garden to them…Not! Adele gave everybody quite a turn when she announced at a recent concert that she woke up to the tragic news of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce. “I need ...

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Lady Gaga New Favorite for Super Bowl Halftime Show–Will Kanye West Pass Her Up?

Lady Gaga Super Bowl Kanye West BandRumors.com

Kanye West‘s fans better pick up the pace on that petition to get the rapper to play at the Super Bowl next year because Lady Gaga is gaining steam as the favorite to perform. Some sources have told Billboard that the fashionable pop star is circling around the performance of the lifetime. However, Lady Gaga has already performed once at the ...

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Fan Starts Kanye West Super Bowl Petition & People Are Actually Signing It

Kanye West Super Bowl BandRumors.com

Some people really hate Kanye West, but there are others who absolutely love his crazy antics and outspoken music. A really driven fan has started a petition to get Mr. West to play at the Super Bowl halftime show this coming year. This wan’t just a passing idea–this fan, named Brian Sporman, went all out with his goal. He went so far ...

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