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Taylor Swift’s Stalker Claims He Works for Katy Perry

Taylor Swift Stalker Katy Perry BandRumors.com

There may be a feud going on between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, but stalker Mohammed Jaffar still loves them both. Um, ew. Jaffar has been stalking Taylor Swift for some time now, but he’s making headlines again for claiming he works for Katy Perry. Even though the two pop stars aren’t on friendly terms, we doubt Perry is sending ...

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Eek! Taylor Swift Stalker Arrested for Violating Restraining Order

Taylor Swift Stalker BandRumors.com

Though there are definite perks to being famous (hello, private jets and free designer clothes!), it’s got major downfalls as well. Like, icky scary downfalls like stalkers. It’s not often we feel sorry for Taylor Swift, but her latest situation with a stalker is making us have some empathy for the pop star. At a recent concert in Austin, Swift ...

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Tom Hiddleston Wears Ugly Shoes to Distract from Taylor Swift Drama

Tom Hiddleston Gucci BandRumors.com

He may have lost out on an Armani modeling contract thanks to his relationship with Taylor Swift, but now that Tom Hiddleston is back on the singles list, Gucci has snapped him up for their latest ads. He may look pretty stunning in the campaign, but there are two things that are majorly distracting from the British thespians good looks: ...

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Taylor Swift Donates $1M to Louisiana Flood Relief in Desperate Attempt to Prove She’s Still a Good Person

Taylor Swift Donates $1M BandRumors.com

It seems like all the negative energy everyone had pent up about Taylor Swift suddenly let loose in a flood of hatred and Snapchat videos. It’s not too surprising that other celebrities had it in for Swift–no one can be as perfect as the pop star pretends to be, and even if they were it would just be flat out ...

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Taylor Swift Behind Schedule on New Music, Steps Out of Spotlight to Save Image

Taylor Swift No New Music Scott Borchetta BandRumors.com

Once you get fans used to your routine, it can be disappointing to shake them up with delays. Taylor Swift‘s fans found that out the hard way when the CEO of her record label gave them a big fat “NOPE.” Swift has been putting out albums every two years in either October or November since 2006. She started out with ...

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Hiddleswift Hate: Tom Hiddleston Booted from Armani Underwear Campaign Thanks to Taylor Swift

Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift Hiddleswift BandRumors.com

The debate rages on about whether or not Hiddleswift (that is, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift) are actually a real couple or just a weird PR stunt. Some have pointed out that Hiddleston’s career is only going to get better with the pop star on his arm, but there have been some major drawbacks as well. The British actor just ...

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Calvin Harris is Moving On–Check Out His New Fling!

Calvin Harris Tinashe BandRumors.com

Thank goodness! Calvin Harris is moving on from his crazy ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, and we’re happy for the man. He’s recently been spotted getting cozy with singer Tinashe. Harris and Tinashe first met in 2014 when they worked on the song “Dollar Signs” together. They’re more recent meet-up evidently started when Tinashe wanted to meet up to talk music, but ...

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How To Avoid Getting ‘Taylor Swifted’ – A Calvin Harris 4-Step Survival Guide

Taylor Swifted Taylor Swift BandRumors.com

You may be familiar with the not-so-nice term “Taylor Swifting” thanks to South Park. But have you ever been “Taylor Swifted?” Well, we have a new way to add the pop star’s name to your vocabulary: Taylor Swifted. This fancy new term can be used when a former boyfriend or girlfriend and you call it quits, and you find out your ...

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Twitter Celebrates Calvin Harris’ Diss with #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty

Taylor Swift Calvin Harris BandRumors.com #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty

Game, set and match! Did Calvin Harris win the battle against his former girlfriend Taylor Swift? After the popular EDM producer slammed Swift for trying to “bury” him and told her to focus on her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston rather than bashing him, Twitter has taken his side. The hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty took the Twittersphere by storm. Calvin Harris’ fans ...

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Calvin Harris Burns Taylor Swift in Twitter Rant: Go ‘Bury’ Someone Else

Calvin Harris Taylor Swift BandRumors.com

Though Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift broke up a while ago, just now the claws are coming out. Swift’s team purposely revealed that the pop star wrote Harris’ hit “This Is What You Came For” under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg. Immediately after the news broke, Harris let out a stream of tweets that evolved from complimentary to scathing as they went on. ...

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