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Gene Simmons Attempts to Trademark Rock Horns Symbol – Bad Idea?

KISS Gene Simmons Trademark BandRumors.com

There’s a lot of imagery associated with KISS. Obviously, the crazy makeup is one of the first things to come to mind. But there’s a second thing–a gesture–that also goes hand in hand with the rock and roll world. Now, KISS frontman Gene Simmons is attempting to trademark that gesture. The symbol in question is the infamous “rock horns.” It’s the ...

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Paul McCartney Sues Sony to Regain Beatles Songs

Paul McCartney Sues Sony BandRumors.com

The time has come for Paul McCartney to take back what’s his. He lost the rights to many of his songs thanks to some bad publishing deals the Beatles made. Now he’s suing Sony to get them back. McCartney is arguing that copyright laws will allow him to start claiming his music again beginning in October of 2018. He first started ...

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Paul McCartney Will Finally Own Beatles Hits

The Beatles Paul McCartney

Thanks to a weird publishing industry move back in the 1960s, Paul McCartney hasn’t actually owned the rights many of his Beatles hits. Now the artist finally has a chance to reclaim his music. When The Beatles were first getting started, their manager Brian Epstein encouraged them to form a publishing company with Dick James, a prominent music publisher. Thus, Northern Songs ...

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‘Rebel Heart’ Madonna Faces Controversy Over User Generated Art Work

Madonna has apologized after posting user-generated images of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Bob Marley on her Instagram account. The singer was accused of racism by Internet trolls after re-posting fan art of famous people’s faces, including John Lennon, tied up in rope made to look like the cover of her album Rebel Heart. Madonna Releases Tracks After ‘Rebel Heart’ Hack Here’s how Madonna ...

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