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Taylor Swift Hits Back at the Media with New Album ‘Reputation’

Taylor Swift Reputation New Album BandRumors.com

She may have been fairly silent lately, but Taylor Swift has been plotting behind the scenes. The pop star just announced that she’s got a new album on the way. Rumors started swirling that something was in the works a couple days ago. At that time, Taylor Swift wiped her social media presence clean. Instead of the slew of posts ...

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Kanye West Ditching the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian Attending Solo

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Met Gala BandRumors.com

The 2017 Met Gala is happening tonight! It’s a night of high fashion, celebrities and sartorial drama. But there’s some drama going on behind the scenes as well–rumor has it that Kanye West is leaving his wife Kim Kardashian to attend the Met Gala solo. E! News said a source confirmed that Kanye was invited, but decided to stay home ...

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Kim Kardashian Victim of Prank SWAT Team Call?

Kim Kardashian Prank BandRumors.com

It seems Kanye West and Kim Kardashian can’t get a moment of peace. Even when nothing actually happens, there are fake stories about what’s going on in their lives. Most recently, the couple were supposedly a victim of “swatting,” a prank in which someone calls the police to a location that doesn’t actually need help. The Southern California Monitoring Association ...

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Sia Begs Kanye West to Stop Using Fur in Fashion Line

Sia Kanye West Fur BandRumors.com

Leave it to Sia to use her powers for good. The singer may keep quiet most of the time, but when she speaks up, people listen. Her latest target for reformation is Kanye West. Last week, Kanye’s new season of his fashion line debuted. Unfortunately, the Yeezy Season 5 collection has several fur coats and other fur trimmed accessories. Sia ...

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Taylor Swift Plots Lamest Revenge Ever on Kim & Kanye

Taylor Swift Kanye West BandRumors.com

Excuse us while we laugh ourselves silly over Taylor Swift‘s newest threat update. Apparently, she’s still angry with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and she plans on getting revenge. Revenge certainly isn’t below Taylor Swift, but who is she kidding if she thinks Kanye will be fazed in the slightest? He already went through a public mental breakdown and has ...

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Charges Made for Kim Kardashian Robbery Case, Crime Ring Implicated

Kim Kardashian Robbery BandRumors.com

Did the robbers who held up Kim Kardashian really think they wouldn’t get caught? According to French prosecution, the mastermind behind the scheme has been charged. We can’t blame anyone for disliking Kim Kardashian–after all, she is pretty obnoxious. But holding her up at gunpoint and stealing millions of dollars of her jewelry is taking things a little too far. ...

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Kanye West & Jay Z Make Amends at Blue Ivy’s Birthday Party?

Kanye West Jay Z Blue Ivy BandRumors.com

Maybe Kanye West and Kim Kardashian thought if they tried to make nice with Beyonce and Jay Z at a little kid’s birthday party, no screaming matches would ensue. Whatever their logic, the couple decided that showing up at Jay Z and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy’s birthday party was a good idea. The couples have been feuding for quite a ...

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Kanye West Visits Mom’s Grave with Kim Kardashian & Kids

Kanye West Mother Grave BandRumors.com

No one can quite predict what caused Kanye West‘s now infamous 2016 meltdown, but a cousin of his speculated that his decline all started with the death of his mother. Now, things have come full circle for the rapper as he took his wife Kim Kardashian and their two children to visit his mother’s grave. Kanye West’s mother Donda passed ...

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President Kanye West Is NOT Going to Happen

Kanye West President Donald Trump BandRumors.com

At this point, can we possibly believe anything Kanye West says? We don’t blame him for going through a lot (we’d probably have some issues, too, if we were married to Kim Kardashian), but at least he used to seem like a man of his word. However, he just backed out on running for president in 2024, and everybody is ...

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UPDATE: Kanye West Released from Hospital Over a Week After Breakdown

Kanye West Released from Hospital BandRumors.com

UPDATE: Kanye West has officially been released from the UCLA Medical Center after being kept there for treatment for over a week. He was initially supposed to stay just three days, but required ongoing care. TMZ reported that Kanye left the hospital under the care of his wife Kim Kardashian and his doctor, Michael Farzam. Farzam was the one who ...

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