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Listen to Sia’s Rejected #1 Hit Song & 12 Chart-Toppers Meant for Other Artists

Sia Rejected Songs BandRumors.com

Nobody can predict the future, but that’s exactly why artists like Sia can wind up getting a number one hit in a wildly unforeseen way. We buy expensive things that we grow to hate a year later, we waste time fretting over things that never happen and we pass on opportunities that would have turned into a goldmine. Even celebrities sometimes ...

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Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project on VH1

By far the best music show to come out in eons is VH1’s Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project. Perry famously turned to songwriting and producing after her band, 4 Non Blondes hit the skids after a multi-platinum run in the early 90s. Perry has penned hits for Pink, Christina Aguilera and Adam Lambert. The show takes a group of ...

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