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Lindsay Lohan Posted a TOPLESS Photo on Instagram…& Now She Owns a Club?

Lindsay Lohan Topless BandRumors.com

We can’t keep up with Lindsay Lohan. One day she’s engaged, then she’s not. One second she posts a topless picture, the next second she’s running a club. Not gonna lie, it was definitely the topless pic that caught our attention this time. Lindsay Lohan posted a topless photo on her Instagram account, but before you get too scandalized, it ...

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Lindsay Lohan Nearly Loses a Finger on ‘Mean Girls’ Day

Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls Finger MovieSpoon.com

Can actors get bad karma for doing nasty things in movies? If so, this was definitely Lindsay Lohan‘s time to collect. We’re not saying she at all deserved it, but the starlet nearly lost a finger in a boating accident, and today (October 3) just happens to be Mean Girls Day. Lindsay Lohan posted a photo on Snapchat showing off a ...

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Lindsay Lohan Has New Boyfriend? Who the Heck Cares

Lindsay Lohan Boyfriend BandRumors.com

It wasn’t that long ago that Lindsay Lohan was having a screaming match with her fiancé on the balcony of her London apartment, but it appears she’s ready to move on from the hate–with a new man, of course. This whole situation is totally bizarre. Let’s start at the beginning: Lohan was engaged to Egor Tarabasov, but neighbors caught them ...

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Lindsay Lohan Pregnant with Child of Fiancé Who Tried to Kill Her

Lindsay Lohan Pregnant BandRumors.com

In light of yesterday’s news that Lindsay Lohan accused her fiancé Egor Tarabasov of trying to kill her, it’s extra shocking that the actress’ father Michael Lohan has confirmed that his daughter is pregnant. Rumors first started circulating that the Mean Girls star was pregnant when she posted a photo on Instagram from her 2009 movie Labor Pains. The photo showed her with a fake baby ...

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Watch: Lindsay Lohan Accuses Fiancé Egor Tarabasov of Trying to Kill Her in Chilling Video

Lindsay Lohan BandRumors.com

Neighbors to starlet Lindsay Lohan were awoken early Saturday morning by Lohan crying in distress from her balcony. The actress was shouting that her fiancé Egor Tarabasov had been trying to harm her. Police showed up and broke the door to the London apartment down. However, they supposedly found no one inside the apartment. Later they announced that the residents ...

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