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Watch: Mariah Carey Shares the Stage with Adorable Daughter Monroe

Mariah Carey Monroe BandRumors.com

Awww. This is pretty darn cute. Mariah Carey doesn’t usually let anyone upstage her. But when it comes to family, it’s a different story. Mariah Carey was performing at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this week when her daughter Monroe made a special guest appearance. Monroe is just 6 years old so naturally it was adorable. Carey pulled her Monroe and ...

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Mariah Carey Makes Glamorous Comeback on Jimmy Kimmel

Mariah Carey Jimmy Kimmel YG BandRumors.com

Ladies and gentlemen: one of the biggest musical divas of all time has redeemed herself. After a disastrous New Year’s Eve performance, Mariah Carey has made a comeback. Not like she had too much to do to get her career back on track. Everybody seemed to know that the New Year’s Eve fiasco was a one time screw-up. Still, it’s ...

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Mariah Carey Gets Revenge in ‘I Don’t’ Music Video

Mariah Carey I Don't Music Video BandRumors.com

Well, she’s not exactly known for her subtlety. Mariah Carey knows that when you want something done, it’s go big or go home. Her latest music video is the ultimate breakup song. “I Don’t” was inspired by Carey’s split from James Packer, the Australian billionaire. Since she split with him, she’s since moved on and is now dating her backup ...

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Nick Cannon Defends Mariah Carey’s Horrid NYE Performance

Nick Cannon Mariah Carey BandRumors.com

Despite getting divorced, Nick Cannon is still on Mariah Carey‘s side. By now, Carey’s disastrous New Year’s Eve performance has been picked apart by critics. It seems like Nick Cannon thinks it’s time for someone to stand up for the diva. For those who missed the New Year’s fiasco, consider yourselves lucky. Mariah Carey basically gave one of the most ...

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Wham! Singer George Michael Dead at 53

George Michael BandRumors.com Wham!

Pop musician George Michael, formerly part of the famous 1980s duo Wham!, passed away on December 25 at the age of 53. His manager confirmed that he died of heart failure. In a tragic Christmas Day discovery, Michael’s partner Fadi Fawaz found Michael dead in bed that morning. “We were supposed to be going for Christmas lunch. I went round ...

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Christmas Carpool Karaoke Features Lady Gaga, Adele & More

Christmas Carpool Karaoke BandRumors.com

There’s nothing like some Christmas carols to get in the holiday spirit. James Corden must have been thinking the same thing because somehow he managed to sneak out some carols from his “Carpool Karaoke” guests throughout the year. The amount of foresight his team had to plan this out is awesome, and the result is a hilarious video of our ...

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Mariah Carey’s Split with James Packer will Cost $50M

Mariah Carey James Packer BandRumors.com

Break-ups are almost always messy, but very few get to $50 million in damages worth of messy. Unfortunately for Mariah Carey, it’s sounding like her split with fianc√© James Packer was pretty nasty–$50 million worth of nasty. According to TMZ, there are several factors that are contributing to the hefty price Mariah Carey is putting on their split. For starters, ...

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Perez Hilton & Demi Lovato Get in Twitter Argument for the Dumbest Reason

Perez Hilton Demi Lovato BandRumors.com

If ever there were a good stage for celebrity feuding, Twitter is it. Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton just got into a nasty spat with Demi Lovato, all via 160 character messages. It all went public when Demi Lovato tweeted at Perez, “Do something with your life.” The tweet has since been deleted, but not before hundreds of Lovato’s fans ...

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Mariah Carey Made Friends Dress As Mariah Carey For Birthday Bash

Mariah Carey BandRumors.com

Birthdays are for celebrating yourself, right? That must be why Mariah Carey required all guests to dress as versions of her at her most recent birthday bash. When you’ve got enough famous looks to make a themed party surrounding those styles, you might as well capitalize on it. Carey was staying at an Airbnb in Lake Como, Italy, where she ...

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“Uptown Funk” Ends Hot Streak at #1

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” finally wrapped up its extended run at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 yesterday, giving way to Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” after fourteen weeks at number one. The hook-laden track now shares a seven-way tie for second place among durations atop the Hot 100. The record? Sixteen weeks, held by Mariah ...

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