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Maroon 5 Cancels North Carolina Shows, Joins Long List Of Artists Fighting Anti-LGBT Law

Maroon 5 North Carolina BandRumors.com

Yet another band has added North Carolina to it’s “no-fly” list. Maroon 5 has just announced they will be canceling their shows in the state over an anti-LGBT law, which forces people to use the bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificates. The band, which includes Adam Levine on lead vocals, released a statement on their website to explain ...

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Maroon 5’s World Tour Has Grosed $71 Million – Over $100M LESS Than Taylor Swift – But It’s Not Over Yet!

The Maroon 5 tour has been dominating with box office revenue reported from the bulk of the band’s world tour in support of its album V. Ticket sales totaling $52.2 million lands on the tally based on 653,984 sold tickets at 45 performances reported during the past week. The tour’s overall gross now reaches $71.1 million from a total of 60 ...

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Who Will Have the Song of the Summer?

“Song of the Summer” is one of the most talked-about honorifics in pop music. The beginning of summer is the perfect time to release a breezy, upbeat hit destined to dominate radio for months on end. Last year’s winner, “Fancy,” was no exception. But what song will take the crown this year? Here are some contenders: Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick ...

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Valentines Day Special: Vin Diesel Sings Hilarious Cover Of “My Heart Is Open”

Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel (tank top and all) is hilariously bad in this cover of Maroon 5‘s (ft. Gwen Stefani)’s “My Heart Is Open.” Hopefully he won’t be singing to his significant other on this most romantic of holidays. Happy Valentines Day from Vin!

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The Best Ever Faked ‘Viral’ Music Videos

  Maroon 5 brought tears to the eyes of millions of viewers with their latest music video for “Sugar,” in which they crash fan’s weddings. It turns out, though, that none of the “Sugar” weddings were actually real. Cosmopolitan pointed out that the “weddings” were heavily attended by only actors and models. What other viral videos in pop music have been faked? We count ...

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Maroon 5 “It Was Always You”

Maroon 5’s “It was always you” is garnered a spot on Spotify’s top viral playlist for July/August.

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