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Camila Cabello NAILS Cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’

Camila Cabello Man in the Mirror BandRumors.com

She may have left Fifth Harmony behind, but Camila Cabello is far from done. In fact, her recent gig has everybody talking. The singer teamed up with Zedd last night to perform at a concert benefitting the ACLU. In her performance, she gave a throwback to another pop star who was big into philanthropy, Michael Jackson. Cabello covered his hit ...

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Rihanna Flies Past Michael Jackson in Billboard Top 10 Records

Rihanna Love On The Brain BandRumors.com

Michael Jackson may be the King of Pop, but a new era is dawning. This week, Rihanna passed up the legend on the Billboard charts. Rihanna released her song “Love On The Brain” back in 2016 as part of her album Anti. However, recently it started gaining more steam. This week, it crept up from the number 13 spot on the ...

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Paris Jackson Reveals Suicide Attempts & Worse

Paris Jackson Michael Jackson BandRumors.com

Michael Jackson‘s children have often opted to stay out of the spotlight–until now. Paris Jackson gave her first ever in-depth interview, and, boy, was it in-depth. She covered a lot of random topics (including her love of the Museum of Death), but two particular items stood out. First, she believes someone murdered her father. Paris Jackson blames Dr. Conrad Murray, ...

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Paul McCartney Sues Sony to Regain Beatles Songs

Paul McCartney Sues Sony BandRumors.com

The time has come for Paul McCartney to take back what’s his. He lost the rights to many of his songs thanks to some bad publishing deals the Beatles made. Now he’s suing Sony to get them back. McCartney is arguing that copyright laws will allow him to start claiming his music again beginning in October of 2018. He first started ...

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‘Thriller’ Songwriter Rod Temperton Passes Away at 66

Rod Temperton Thriller BandRumors.com

Though you may not recognize his name, Rod Temperton is one of the best songwriters at the forefront of pop. Now that he has passed away at the age of 66, people are reminiscing about his best works, including Michael Jackson‘s hit “Thriller.” Jon Platt, chairman of publisher Warner/Chappell, stated that Temperton died from “a brief aggressive battle with cancer.” ...

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Paris Jackson Defends Kanye West’s Victory Over Michael Jackson with Total Class

Kanye West Michael Jackson Paris Jackson BandRumors.com

Kanye West is far from mature, but Paris Jackson just proved to be his latest supporter with an amazing amount of class. West had just surpassed Michael Jackson‘s amount of total Top 40 hits. Now in tenth place overall, West has 40 hits, beating Jackson’s 39. Naturally, people were pretty mad about this. How could the outspoken and often obnoxious rapper ...

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Kanye West Somehow Managed to Pass Up Michael Jackson on the Billboard Charts

Kanye West Michael Jackson BandRumors.com

It’s a sad world we live in–Kanye West has just overtaken Michael Jackson on the Billboard charts. West was previously tied with Jackson and Frankie Vallie at 39 hits each, but his latest collaboration with ScHoolboy Q on the song “The Part” has scraped by to the number 40 spot on the Billboard 100.   However, he still has more to ...

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Listen to Sia’s Rejected #1 Hit Song & 12 Chart-Toppers Meant for Other Artists

Sia Rejected Songs BandRumors.com

Nobody can predict the future, but that’s exactly why artists like Sia can wind up getting a number one hit in a wildly unforeseen way. We buy expensive things that we grow to hate a year later, we waste time fretting over things that never happen and we pass on opportunities that would have turned into a goldmine. Even celebrities sometimes ...

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Michael Jackson Had HORRIFYING Photos In His Possession, Police Reports Show

Michael Jackson BandRumors.com

Nearly seven years after Michael Jackson‘s death, police reports are being made public that shed some light on the pop singer’s child molestation charges. In 2003, Jackson participated in an interview for a documentary titled Living With Michael Jackson. In it, he admitted to interviewer Martin Bashir to sleeping in bed with children that weren’t his own. Later that year, police ...

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Prince Autopsy Reveals Drug 50X Stronger Than Heroin In System

Prince BandRumors.com

The mystery of Prince‘s death is finally coming to a close now that autopsy results have been released. Unfortunately, the conclusions from the medical examiner’s office are further evidence that the singer left the earth far before his time. According to CNN, doctors have confirmed that the artist died from an opioid overdose. The report from the medical examiner’s office was succinct ...

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