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Listen: Lady Gaga’s Raw Super Bowl Vocals Are Seriously Impressive

Lady Gaga Super Bowl BandRumors.com

It’s been two weeks, but we’re still freaking out about Lady Gaga‘s Super Bowl performance. She flew through the air and danced like a maniac all while belting out her best hits. Could it get any better? Well, you’re about to have your minds blown even more. It is not easy whatsoever to sing well while moving around like a ...

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Lady Gaga Gives Body Shamers the Boot

Lady Gaga Super Bowl Body Shamers BandRumors.com

She sang. She danced. She leapt through the air. Lady Gaga conquered the Super Bowl halftime show. So why are people whining about her stomach? Apparently, people are too used to airbrushing and photoshop wiping away “imperfections.” Lady Gaga’s performance may have been amazing, but for some people, the tiny bit if not-flatness on her stomach was too much of a distraction. ...

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The First Look at Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance is Here

Lady Gaga Super Bowl BandRumors.com

The Super Bowl is looming! There are only four teams left in the running to play in the coveted final game, but the entertainment has already been decided. Lady Gaga will be taking over the halftime show and there’s already been some sneak peeks. Lady Gaga herself has been posting some behind-the-scene pics on Instagram showing her prep work. She’s ...

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It’s Official – Lady Gaga Nabs Next Super Bowl Halftime Show!

Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime BandRumors.com

Too bad, so sad, Kanye West fans! Despite the petition to get Kanye West to perform at the next Super Bowl, Lady Gaga has officially won the day. Rumors had been circulating that the “Born This Way” singer would be taking the stage at Super Bowl LI in February of next year, but nothing had been confirmed yet. Now, Lady ...

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Lady Gaga New Favorite for Super Bowl Halftime Show–Will Kanye West Pass Her Up?

Lady Gaga Super Bowl Kanye West BandRumors.com

Kanye West‘s fans better pick up the pace on that petition to get the rapper to play at the Super Bowl next year because Lady Gaga is gaining steam as the favorite to perform. Some sources have told Billboard that the fashionable pop star is circling around the performance of the lifetime. However, Lady Gaga has already performed once at the ...

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Fan Starts Kanye West Super Bowl Petition & People Are Actually Signing It

Kanye West Super Bowl BandRumors.com

Some people really hate Kanye West, but there are others who absolutely love his crazy antics and outspoken music. A really driven fan has started a petition to get Mr. West to play at the Super Bowl halftime show this coming year. This wan’t just a passing idea–this fan, named Brian Sporman, went all out with his goal. He went so far ...

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What? Adele Turns Down the Super Bowl, but NFL Says She Wasn’t Invited

Adele Super Bowl BandRumors.com

Let’s be honest–how many of us watch the Super Bowl purely for the halftime show? To be the musical star of the biggest sporting event of the year is kind of a big deal. But for Adele, it’s just not good enough. At a show in Los Angeles on Saturday, the singer addressed the rumors that she’d be performing at ...

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