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Taylor Swift Hits Back at the Media with New Album ‘Reputation’

Taylor Swift Reputation New Album BandRumors.com

She may have been fairly silent lately, but Taylor Swift has been plotting behind the scenes. The pop star just announced that she’s got a new album on the way. Rumors started swirling that something was in the works a couple days ago. At that time, Taylor Swift wiped her social media presence clean. Instead of the slew of posts ...

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Taylor Swift Thanks Craftsy Team for Inspirational Messages

Taylor Swift Craftsy BandRumors.com

She singlehandedly won her lawsuit, and now Taylor Swift is thanking her supporters. In particular, she’s paying her respects to the building across from the courthouse. The company called Craftsy, which is located in Denver near where Swift’s trial was being held, used their craft skills to support the pop star during her trial. They used post-its to send inspirational messages to ...

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Jury Sides with Taylor Swift in Groping Trial

The end of the Taylor Swift groping trial has finally come. Did DJ David Mueller really think he stood a chance? For those who haven’t been following the trial, here’s the lowdown: Taylor Swift accused David Mueller of grabbing her butt at a meet and greet, and the accusation cost him his job. The two sued each other, and the ...

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Taylor Swift’s Mom Stands Strong in Groping Trial Against Ex-DJ

Taylor Swift Groping Trial BandRumors.com

The court date is finally here–Taylor Swift‘s groper is facing justice. Several years ago, Taylor Swift claimed that radio host David Mueller grabbed her inappropriately at a meet and greet. Mueller actually initiated the lawsuit, saying that Swift’s claims cost him his job. Now the two camps are butting heads in court, with both Swift’s mom Andrea and Mueller himself ...

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Taylor Swift’s Stalker Claims He Works for Katy Perry

Taylor Swift Stalker Katy Perry BandRumors.com

There may be a feud going on between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, but stalker Mohammed Jaffar still loves them both. Um, ew. Jaffar has been stalking Taylor Swift for some time now, but he’s making headlines again for claiming he works for Katy Perry. Even though the two pop stars aren’t on friendly terms, we doubt Perry is sending ...

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Taylor Swift AND Beyonce Both Had Meltdowns after That Infamous VMA Moment

Kanye West Taylor Swift VMAs BandRumors.com

Looks like Taylor Swift isn’t the only one Kanye West upset. Beyonce also shed some tears after that tricky night at the VMAs. Former MTV Chief Van Toffler recently did an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. Though it focused mostly on his career success as an entertainment executive, he also had some interesting comments about a certain pop star. At this ...

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Taylor Swift Wins Headway in Groping Lawsuit

Taylor Swift Groping BandRumors.com

UPDATE: It’s been off the grid for a while, but the Taylor Swift groping case is finally making some headway. When Swift blamed DJ David Mueller for groping her, Mueller shot back with some slander claims. Now, however, Taylor Swift is celebrating a tiny victory. A Colorado judge decided Mueller’s claims had no merit. The judge dismissed the “claims of slander ...

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Taylor Swift Sends Fan the Most Thoughtful Graduation Gift

Taylor Swift Graduation BandRumors.com

Drake chaperoned his cousin to prom, but did Taylor Swift just one-up him? Not quite, but what she did is still pretty awesome. In the spirit of celebrating graduation, she sent a fan a really sweet gift. The fan (named Ashley) threw a graduation party to celebrate the end of high school. It was a stretch, but she invited Taylor ...

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Tom Hiddleston Snaps at Reporter Asking about Taylor Swift

Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift BandRumors.com

Sorry, Tom Hiddleston, but we told you so! Did he really think he could date Taylor Swift and not have that follow him around for the rest of his life? We wish he could just move on with his career in peace, but there’s no way that’s gonna happen after you date the queen of pop. Hiddleston and Swift dated very briefly last ...

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Tom Hiddleston Spills on Taylor Swift & That AWFUL Tank Top

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston BandRumors.com

Months after Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift called it quits, fans are still wondering if their relationship really happened. Was it all a bad dream? Was it a publicity stunt? And why did Tom Hiddleston wear that awful “I <3 T.S.” tank top? Though he’s normally quite shy about his personal life, Tom Hiddleston finally set the record straight in ...

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