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Taylor Swift is Insanely Rich Despite Everyone Hating Her

Despite the rather negative media attention Taylor Swift has been getting over the past year, it’s not affecting her bank account in the slightest.

Taylor Swift Rich BandRumors.com

Haters gonna hate.

This past year, the pop star has gotten railed on for dumping her longtime boyfriend Calvin Harris, having a weird fling with Tom Hiddleston and being a liar about the whole Kanye West lyrics thing. However, people are clearly still buying her music because the was just listed as Forbes’ richest celebrity under 30 years old.

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Taylor Swift, 26, beat last year’s winners One Direction by $60 million. Total, she netted $170 million for the year.

Taylor Swift Rich BandRumors.com

The bank of Taylor Swift is doing quite well.

Where’d the money come from? A lot of it is still racking in from her album¬†1989, which sold over nine million copies, and the corresponding tour. The 1989 tour alone supposedly earned over $200 million in North America. Of course, everybody want’s Taylor Swift’s mug on their products so her teenaged fans will purchase them, so her deals with the likes of Apple and Diet Coke don’t hurt either.

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