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Taylor Swift is the Richest Celebrity–The Amount She Made Is Unbelievable

Being a touring musician must be difficult. The non-stop tours, the waking up in a different state or country every day, the exhaustion of performing night after night…. Then again, if you get to Taylor Swift status, it can pay off big time.

Taylor Swift BandRumors.com

It’s raining money!

The pop star was just named by Forbes as the highest-paid celebrity of the year, earning about $170 million. The huge payout comes mostly from her 1989 world tour, which pulled in an estimated $200 million.

Other celebrities on the top ten were One Direction, James Patterson, Dr. Phil, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Hart, Howard Stern, Lionel Messi, Adele and Rush Limbaugh.

Last year’s list included Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the top with $300 million. Howard Stern ranked higher last year at number 2, and Garth Brooks and Robert Downey, Jr., were both in the top 10 as well.

Meanwhile, Swift’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris came it at number 21 on the list with $63 million. Her current beau Tom Hiddleston didn’t rank, but that could all change if he wins the role of James Bond.

Katy Perry Taylor Swift BandRumors.com

Sorry Katy Perry, Swift beat you this time.

Other pop stars earning a place on the charts this year are Katy Perry with $41 million, Madonna with $76.5 million and Rihanna with $75 million.

Last year, Katy Perry beat out Swift by earning $135 million to Swift’s $80 million, but this year the tables were turned.

Needless to say, the “Shake It Off” singer must be doing something right to have so many fans despite her cringeworthy relationships.

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