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Taylor Swift Plots Lamest Revenge Ever on Kim & Kanye

Excuse us while we laugh ourselves silly over Taylor Swift‘s newest threat update. Apparently, she’s still angry with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and she plans on getting revenge.

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Taylor Swift is coming for you, Kanye.

Revenge certainly isn’t below Taylor Swift, but who is she kidding if she thinks Kanye will be fazed in the slightest? He already went through a public mental breakdown and has continued to be an influencer. What’s the most damage Swift can do?

In true Taylor Swift fashion, the pop star plans on writing a song about her beef with Kanye. Surprise, surprise. As payback for calling her out over giving him permission to use her name in “Famous,” Swift is going to get a bunch of preteen girls up in arms.

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An insider close to the situation had a lot to say about the subject. “Taylor hasn’t forgotten how hard Kim and Kanye tried to humiliate her last summer,” the source said. “She’s going to cause some major waves in the music industry and on social media with a revenge song directly targeting Kim and Kanye. Kim and Kanye aren’t going to be happy.”

Are they ever happy these days? Doesn’t look like it.

Taylor Swift Kanye West BandRumors.com

SO happy.

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