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Taylor Swift Threw Lorde a Creepy Birthday Party

No wonder Taylor Swift is delayed in releasing a new album–she keeps throwing parties and hand painting cards and otherwise shirking her musical duties! Lorde is probably happy, though. The latest bash Taylor Swift threw was specifically for Lorde’s 20th birthday.

The festivities took place at ZZ’s Clam Bar in Manhattan, and Swift took the decorating into her own hands. This included some stupid gold balloons that said, “U R 20.” Sure, “You are” would have taken a lot of balloons, but this is still pretty cringeworthy. At least Lorde seemed to like it since she Instagrammed a pic of the offending party favors.

happiest birthday girl in the world

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Several celebrities were on the guest list (if you don’t have famous people at a Taylor Swift party, did it really happen?), including Karlie Kloss, Aziz Ansari and Lena Dunham. Swift also made good by inviting Lorde’s childhood friends to come.

As a thank-you, Lorde posted heartfelt post on Instagram of herself getting kisses from Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss. Her caption also referred to Taylor as a “mom with no kids,” which just comes across kind of creepy.

Despite the creepiness of the “mom” comment, it seems the love goes both ways. Taylor Swift posted a photo of the birthday card she made for Lorde on Instagram along with a surely heartfelt caption.

On the bright side, they do seem happy and like they are having fun, so we’ll try not to be too annoyed by the “U R 20” balloons.

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