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Taylor Swift’s Ex Conor Kennedy Arrested for Bar Fight

It seems like Taylor Swift is all about the good guys, but perhaps she’s actually into boys with a dark side! Swift’s ex Conor Kennedy was just arrested in Aspen after getting into a bar fight.

Conor Kennedy Taylor Swift Arrest BandRumors.com

Conor Kennedy’s mugshot following his arrest for the bar fight.

As lame as a bar fight sounds, after hearing the full story, Conor Kennedy’s position seems a little more understandable. Cops were called to break up a fight outside the Bootsy Bellows club in Aspen, where they found Kennedy throwing punches in the street and rolling around on the ground.

Conor Kennedy didn’t cooperate right off the bat, however. The police report shows that he put up a struggle against the policeman trying to restrain him. He ended up getting cited for disorderly conduct and then getting released without a bond. The grandson of Robert Kennedy has to make an appearance in court on February 22, 2017, to be totally in the clear.

So why did the fight break out in the first place? Evidently, the guy Kennedy was fighting with called his friend a homophobic slur. Though violence is usually not the answer (especially when it comes in the form of a bar fight), we can see why Kennedy would get upset over this.

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Thankfully he made amends by the end of the night, even apologizing to the cop he struggled against after he was arrested. Maybe having handcuffs slapped on him was a wakeup call.

Conor Kennedy Taylor Swift Arrest BandRumors.com

Taylor dated Conor when she was 22 and he was 18.

Taylor Swift probably doesn’t give a rip about the whole situation. It’s been several years since she and Conor dated back in 2014. They only lasted a few months (shocker) before calling it quits due to Taylor’s clingy personality distance issues.

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