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Thank You Santa! LCD Soundsystem Release First Single In Five Years ‘Christmas Will Break Your Heart’

The best New York band of the millennium, LCD Soundsystem, just announced they’re getting back together five long years after calling it quits.

For indie music fans the breakup meant that time literally stopped, and then, ever so slowly, started to actually roll backwards into a parallel dimension where pop music ruled the airwaves so completely a President Snow-like ruler of Capital City forces everyone over the age of thirty into a gladiatorial death match if they can’t name all of The Weeknd’s hits.

All that has changed and James Murphy has broken out of his slumber and put the band back together just in time record ‘Christmas Will Break Your Heart,‘ a song that Murphy described on Facebook as “this depressing Christmas song i’d been singing to myself for the past 8 years.”

Meanwhile, hipsters from Williamsburg to Silver Lake celebrated by momentarily peering up from their craft beers and stroking their beards while chanting in unison, “cool man.”


Despite the official denial of previous reunion reports from DFA Records, multiple sources tell Billboard that a reunion is still on and the band will be headlining AEG Live’s new Panorama Festival in New York in 2016, among other appearances.

“LCD Soundsystem are getting back together,” says an insider with ties to the band. “They are waiting for their guitarist who is part of Hot Chip to finish up and then they are getting back to it.”

Asked why the record label would shoot down the reports, the source speculates that new material could be the reason “and they don’t want any pressure.”

Consequence of Sound first reported the reunion on Oct. 8, citing “multiple sources.” Billboard also confirmed via a well-placed source that the New York outfit was “definitely reuniting” and had big touring plans with major festival appearances in the works.

The backlash from DFA Records’ camp was swift, with label manager Kris Petersen taking to Twitter to shoot down the reunion rumors and lambaste the “morons” who reported otherwise.

“LCD Soundsystem is not reuniting at Coachella next year,” Petersen told Vulture. “I’m sure some festivals have offered the group a giant tempting pile of money, but there is no truth to this. Can we all just move on with our f—ing lives?”

Peterson is also the same guy who tweeted on December 18th that The Beatles would never by on a streaming service. On December 22nd it was widely reported that The Beatles would be on all major streaming services, so Peterson has been (very) wrong before.

Never mind that I saw this on Spotify today (haha):

beatles spotify

Rumors aside, if the band did reunite it would be their first performance since their sold-out swan song bow at New York’s Madison Square Garden on April 2, 2011.

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