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The First Look at Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance is Here

The Super Bowl is looming! There are only four teams left in the running to play in the coveted final game, but the entertainment has already been decided. Lady Gaga will be taking over the halftime show and there’s already been some sneak peeks.

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The pop star performed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl previously.

Lady Gaga herself has been posting some behind-the-scene pics on Instagram showing her prep work. She’s been doing as much as possible, from working out with personal trainers to decompressing with some horseback riding.

Up until now, however, her song selections have remained under wraps. Pepsi just shared a video giving a glimpse into what fans can expect.

Take a look:


Here’s what we can tell about Lady Gaga’s performance from the video: The dancing will be incredible (no surprises there). Lady Gaga has been planning this show since she was four years old. “Bad Romance” will be one of the featured songs. It is going to be incredible.

Read more to see Lady Gaga’s Instagram photos about the Super Bowl:

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