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The Radio Sweetheart Are Cuter Than You


The Radio Sweetheart are cuter than you. Deal with it. They can also probably kick your butt as well, which is good, because not since The Runaways have a bunch of chicks rocked this hard. They’ve shared the bill with Mike Watt, Kim Deal is afraid of them and Dave Grohl wishes he could marry them. Their sugary sweet sonic boom is a punk rock tour de force.

This republished interview is with Dylan Kent, the lead singer and guitarist for one of LA’s best kept secrets.

BandRumors: When did you first start The Radio Sweetheart and what made you decide to start this band? Is everyone in the band an original member?

Dylan Kent: I formed TRS in 2005 with my friend and roomie, Justin. My previous band had broke up about a year prior, and I had the itch to get something new going. The band had it’s share of male members for a couple of years, but we finally settled into our current all-girl lineup in October of 2008. I really love playing with Myra and Jenny. We have a lot of fun and practice can get pretty silly sometimes!

Sadly, Jenny has to leave us at the end of September. We are gonna miss her so much, but mommy hood awaits! Calling all cool girl bass players…

BR: I noticed that you have some pictures of you and Dave Grohl on your Facebook page. If you could break up Dave Grohl’s marriage and make him tune your guitars every night before bed would you do it? Or would it suck too much being a step mom?

DK: Hahaha, I like your thinking! I have pictures of him EVERYWHERE. On my amp, on my guitar. Shucks, I even had a blanket made with the pic of me and him at The Fonda. And the answer is yes. Yes, yes, YES!!! I am seriously shameless when it comes to that boy. I would make an awesome step mom to Violet and Harper, and an even better second wife. Come home Dave!!

BR: I have a copy of your EP and it has a dead-on cover of “Isla De Encanta” by The Pixies. Do you ever get worried that Black Francis (or Frank Black, whichever) is going to throw Kim Deal out of The Pixies and replace her with you? Won’t you kinda feel bad for Kim when that happens?

DK: I was anguishing over that for a long time when deciding if we should put this out, believe you me. The last thing I would ever want to do is jeopardize Kim’s place in one of my fave bands of all time, she IS my hero and all. Truth be told, I would ditch Frank and the boys and have Kim join us Sweethearts. Can you work that out for us, Aron?

BR: What is your favorite song on your EP?

DK: I of course adore “Isla De Encanta”, but I gotta go with “Love Rust”. We recorded the bulk of the E.P in the closet at my old apartment in Redondo Beach, and I really love the way it turned out. A new E.P. is on deck, so batten down the hatches!

TRS Cover The Pixies

BR: How did you come up the name “The Radio Sweetheart?” I think the name of your band totally rocks, don’t you?

DK: I do, I really do. You can thank Elvis Costello for it though, I really can’t take much credit. It is the title of one of his best B-sides, I have loved it ever since I was itty bitty Dilly. He is a god in my world.

BR: Have The Radio Sweetheart had a chance to open for Mike Watt and The Secondmen since I saw that show at Alex’s in Long Beach last year?

DK: Unfortunately, no. That was such a wonderful surprise opportunity, I gotta thank our good friend Alex for hooking that up! I believe that’s where I first met you, ‘member? That was a great night.

BR: Is it true that your band is sexist? I mean, you only allow girls in the band right?

DK: That is totally true. Girls rule, boys drool! But seriously, boys are cool. To make-out with!! I just love the dynamic when it’s just us girls up there, it’s a really cool vibe. Plus, girls are down to wear matching outfits, and i’m ALL about that!

BR: What is it you like most about playing AFG Must Rock at Mr. T’s? Is it that the bar only charges $3 for the first drink if you’re in one of the bands? I mean, that’s a pretty sweet deal, right?

DK: Hell yeah that’s a sweet deal! We love playing Mr. T’s on AFG nights, always a good time to be had. You’ve really helped to turn it into a fun venue to play, and the quality of bands are top-notch.

BR: Is it true you might do a “split 7-inch single” with The Swagger Sticks later this year because The Pixies backed out due to Kim Deal’s mortal fear of you?

DK: That is a rumor that’s going around, but I am not able to comment on that just yet. You know, confidentiality agreement and all. It would be pretty sweet though, dontcha think??

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