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Thom Yorke’s ‘Modern Boxes’ Hits One Million Downloads On BitTorrent

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Submitting his entry for Most Unexpected Release Strategy of the Year, Thom Yorke of Radiohead has elected to distribute his latest solo effort, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, via BitTorrent. In a somewhat unusual letter, which you can read on the next page, Yorke and producer Nigel Godrich announced the album and a new torrenting innovation called paygates, which essentially ask users to pay to torrent content.

The move seems to be paying off with over one million users downloading the bundle of six songs and a video, at a cost of six dollars, with eighty percent of the profit going to Yorke and the other twenty percent to BitTorrent.

Yorke is no stranger to the download model when his band Radiohead, back in 2007, were pioneers when they offered their album In Rainbows for free (with the option to pay if you were feeling generous).

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