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Tom Hiddleston Wears Ugly Shoes to Distract from Taylor Swift Drama

He may have lost out on an Armani modeling contract thanks to his relationship with Taylor Swift, but now that Tom Hiddleston is back on the singles list, Gucci has snapped him up for their latest ads.

He may look pretty stunning in the campaign, but there are two things that are majorly distracting from the British thespians good looks: his ugly as sin shoes and the gorgeous dogs appearing beside him.

Tom Hiddleston Gucci BandRumors.com

Smokin’! But what are those shoes??

First, the shoes. We know Tom Hiddleston didn’t pick these for himself and they are all part of the advertisement, but they are atrocious. They look like little girl’s Mary Jane’s with an expander on the end to accommodate for bigger feet.

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Second, those dogs. Those are some luxurious dogs. The trio of Afghan Hounds that appear in the photos with Tom Hiddleston are almost classy enough to wipe away the smear Taylor Swift put on Hiddleston’s reputation. Almost, but not quite.

Tom Hiddleston Gucci BandRumors.com

That’s a good looking dog, right there.

Funnily enough, pretty much every headline we’ve come across discussing his new campaign has the pop star’s name in the title as well (including ours). How long will it take him to go back to being known for his acting rather than as “Taylor Swift’s ex?” Granted, they didn’t break up that long ago, but Swift’s stamp is a hard one to scrub off.

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