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Tyga Hauled off to Police Station – False Alarm!

Uh-oh. Hasn’t Tyga ever heard of Uber? Or did he just not care about getting a DUI?

Tyga Arrested BandRumors.com

Getting pulled over is never fun.

The 27-year-old rapper left a club in Hollywood the other night, but didn’t make it far. He was driving his Mercedes after leaving Avenue Nightclub when he ran a stop sign. Not only that, but he didn’t have any license plates on his vehicle.

Police pulled him over, but after Tyga spoke to them for a while, they handcuffed him. They placed him in the back of a squad car and drove off. Before that, though, some paparazzi asked him why he was being arrested. “Because I have paper plates,” he responded. He said it was a new vehicle that he had just purchased.

Tyga Arrested BandRumors.com

Getting hauled off.

Later, the L.A.P.D. confirmed what Tyga said. However, they also added that they wanted to conduct a field sobriety test. With the paparazzi present, they thought it would be better to do it at their Hollywood station.

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