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Unauthorized Britney Spears Lifetime Biopic is a Train Wreck

You know you’ve hit legendary status when your life becomes a Lifetime movie. Congratulations, Britney Spears. You’ve officially made it onto the most coveted channel of all.

Obviously we’re being sarcastic. Lifetime isn’t exactly known for quality productions. Still, the Britney Spears biopic, titled Britney Ever After, is a sight to behold. Lifetime released a trailer for the movie, and it probably raises more questions than it answers.

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Fake Britney versus real Britney.

Funnily enough, Britney Ever After is completely unlicensed, so who knows what story they plan on telling. It won’t be the one from Britney Spears’ mouth, anyway. In fact, the IMDb trivia for the flick specifically states that Spears’ reps said, “She will not be contributing in any way, shape or form to the film, nor does it have her blessing.” Hmm.

Back to the trailer–here’s what goes down. Some poor actress named Natasha Bassett has gotten suckered into playing Britney Spears. She looks like her enough, and she kind of gets down the slight Southern drawl.

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