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UPDATE: Kanye West Still Hospitalized, Recovering Quickly

UPDATE: Kanye West is still hospitalized after being taken in for a psychotic episode, but his wife Kim Kardashian is standing by her husband.

“Kim is by his side now and will stand there till everything gets better,” a source told E! News. “Their time together was just about support. Kanye will be ok. He has a good set of doctors and the main thing is he wants to get through this.”

The source added that Kim has been concerned about Kanye taking on too much. “It was many things on his place that started to pile up at once,” the source said.


Turns out Kanye West‘s ego isn’t necessarily responsible for his untimely storm off stage earlier this week. The rapper has just been hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center, where he is being treated for exhaustion.

Kris Jenner, Kanye West’s mother-in-law, said, “He’s exhausted. He’s just really tired. He’s had a grueling tour and it’s been a grind, so he just needs to rest.”

Kanye West Hospitalized BandRumors.com

Kanye West has been touring for his ‘Life of Pablo’ album.

However, other reports say there might be more to the story. Kanye’s personal Doctor Michael Farzam placed a call to have Kanye hospitalized in the first place. His call to the hospital stated that Kanye was suffering from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.

Furthermore, Kanye reportedly to assault a staffer at his trainer’s gym. His violent outbursts resulted in Kanye being handcuffed to a gurney for transport to the hospital, as is the protocol for pickups dealing with psychiatric holds. A source also told People magazine that Kanye “feels like he’s under spiritual attack. He feels like it’s a trying time for his spirit, but that can be a good thing…that’s where growth comes from.”

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As for Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, she was planning on making her first public appearance since she was held at gunpoint in Paris this past Monday. Though the appearance was supposed to be at a gala honoring her late father, Kardashian never ended up showing up.

Kanye West Hospitalized BandRumors.com

Kim Kardashian has been keeping a low profile since she was robbed.

However, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian as well as their mother Kris Jenner were there. When asked how Kim and Kanye were doing, Jenner just smiled and said, “They’re good.”

So far there haven’t been any updates on how Kanye is doing at the hospital, but the rest of his dates for the Saint Pablo Tour have been canceled. He should therefore have the time he needs to recover and get equipped to handle the spotlight once again.

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