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Video: Taylor Swift Gets Scary Crazy In “Blank Space”

Breaking news! Taylor Swift just released the second video from her platinum selling 1989 album.

Blank Space” is a tongue in cheek look at Swift’s villainous side as we watch her churn through yet another boyfriend. We’ve all seen this in relationships – thinks start off great but then we hit some bumps in the road.

In Swift’s case, since we get to see at bit more of her personal life in the media, the parody ingeniously knocks the wind out of the sails of her detractors.

We’re used to seeing Swift wearing white, looking the innocent but in “Blank Space” she’s in black lace slicing the pictures of her ex-boyfriend with a butcher knife and hacking at a tree with an axe as mascara drips down her face.

Give Swift credit, she’s not only has the best selling album of the year, she’s also able to poke fun of herself in a Gone Girl meets Jody Arias kind of way that is hilariously funny.


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