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Video: Thirty Seconds To Mars Resumes ‘Love Lust Faith + Dreams’ Tour

Thirty Seconds to Mars on Tour!

Jared Leto Live With 30STM

Thirty Seconds To Mars (30STM), led by the incomparable Jared Leto, is on 20+ show tour spanning across the the Caribbean, Latin America, US and South Africa.

The band is back on tour supporting of Love Lust Faith + Dreams (2013) and will be screening their documentary “Artifact,” which chronicles their battle with former label EMI and the recording of their 2009 tour de force This is War.

Artwork: Damien Hirst

Love Lust Faith + Dreams

The tour kicked off in San Juan Puerto Rico and will then head to Latin American with shows in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Panama and then back for a US show in New Oreleans before heading off to Cape Town and Johannesburg South Africa.

This Is Debt

This Is Debt

After a grueling legal battle with EMI back in 2008, the band resigned to release the massive hit album This Is War which, according the to closing credits in Artifact, still left the band $1.8M in debt to the label despite its global success.

It’s hard to imagine why they resigned with EMI/Virgin to release Love Lust Faith + Dreams but it may have had something to do with the fact that former label boss Guy Hands was sacked a couple years back after a miserable attempt at turning the label around.

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The band is still in regular rotation on the modern rock/alternative stations for their single “Up In The Air” and enjoys rabid global fan base thanks to Leto’s Academy Award star power on screen and multi-platinum success on onstage with his 30STM bandmates.

Clearly, 30STM still has room to grow artistically (and commercially) and band’s best years are still to come.

“Up In The Air” From The Album Love Lust Faith + Dreams


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